August 20, 2023

Earnings by Watching Advertising Videos within the DexArt MetaUniverse!

The SpacAd company has entered the international market, which provides an excellent opportunity to earn money without investment!

All you need is your free time to watch the video!

The videos will be viewed inside the DexArt Metaverse, where a large plot has been purchased for the digital country Truthland / Land of Truth (Land of Truth).

It is there that you will watch videos that are put up by reputable advertisers.

Registration on the new portal:

Telegram exchange:

Application for android:

IOS app:

Team chats in telegram to communicate and help you:

We earn here:

For every minute of viewing, your wallet will receive earnings in US dollars; you can withdraw it to your wallet instantly in USDT through a crypto wallet and a crypto exchange!

Over time, you will only be shown ads that match your interests.

You will also be able to watch films that are only shown in cinemas, with the only difference being that here you will be paid for this viewing, not you to them!

Registration on the new portal:

We earn here:

There is an extensive program for users and partners, everything will be introduced gradually.

Now is the beginning of this grandiose project! It's time to build teams to create passive income for yourself for years to come!

The founder of the project is an authoritative entrepreneur from Cyprus - Olga Popova.

The company is registered in Dubai and has all the necessary business documents.

Interview with Olga Popova:

You can register any number of your family members and watch videos from one IP address. It is not prohibited!

There are TWO OPTIONS for participation in the project - earnings WITHOUT INVESTMENTS and WITH INVESTMENTS!

Registration on the new portal:

We earn here:

There is also a generous 10-level Affiliate program with loyal conditions for everyone.

- 8% from the 1st line,

- 4% from the 2nd line,

- etc. (there are 10 levels in the marketing plan).

There is no need to invest your money, you will watch videos for free and will receive rewards even from those of your partners who invest their money in this project.

​Let's first calculate your earnings if you logged in WITHOUT INVESTMENTS and started building your team by inviting people here.

Registration on the new portal:

INVESTMENT - this is your cost of $250-...... for the purchase of the so-called PASSPORT, a citizen of the virtual country Truthland of the DexArt Metaverse.

It is the Passport that is the “pass” to receive increased income!

Purchasing a Passport IS NOT A MANDATORY condition for participation in the project!

The main condition is real views by you - real people. At any time, a captcha or a solution to a problem may appear.

This is the program that the SpaceAd project offers to everyone.

It is for those who really want to improve their financial situation, live a full life and not survive without money with a lot of problems!!!

Sign up with!

Registration on the new portal:

Team chats in telegram to communicate and help you:

We earn here:

Unlike YouTube Premium, where 50 000 000 users pay $14 a month to avoid ads, watching ads in the metaverse IS GENERATED IN YOUR ALREADY!

The best thing about it is that it's absolutely FREE!

Anyone can start earning from $5 and more a day!

And that is not all! You can also purchase a Metaverse Citizenship Passport from TRUTHLAND and earn $14 a day!

Do not miss your chance!

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REALLY EARN up to $150 and more !!! Earn income just by watching video ads!

Registration on the new portal:

Registration procedure:

if this is your first time here, just enter your email and create a password.

Click on the button, as in the screenshot below:

Enter the password that you created during registration and click on the button, as in the screenshot - by this you agree to the terms of service:

That's it, the registration process is over and you can start watching ads and collecting coins.

To do this, click on the yellow strip, as in the screenshot below or go to the app on your phone.

Android application:

IOS application:

Team chats in telegram to communicate and help you:

We earn here:

1. You can earn without investments by watching video ads.
2. Income goes in platform tokens.
3. You can exchange tokens inside the platform for a USDT wallet.
4. Withdraw the tokens received from the sale to the USDT wallet.
5. At the beginning, the output will be from 24 hours to 72 hours, then the time will decrease.
6. Referral program for those who earn without investments, those with investments - more referral income.
7. View video ads on any device.

Registration on the new portal:

We earn here: